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Cufflinks are a fashion statement that has blossomed over time. From a limited group of wearers to the recent revolution of cuff links as an accessory staple, cufflinks are a must have for every wardrobe!.

Traditionally a symbol of the elite, metal cufflinks with a decorative face replaced ribbons as the way to fasten a man's shirt cuffs. Today, the sky's the limit when imagining what style, shape, color, theme, or material from which a cuff link can be made. For both men and women, cufflink fashions have reached all income levels, for sport, professional, formal wear, and dress down.

The Cufflink Craze
A more basic cufflink might be composed of gold, sterling silver, or wood. Designers took cuff link styles to the next level with silk, enamel, Murano glass, pearl, diamonds, crystal, and even fiber optics!


And as if that wasn't enough, creative designers wanted to give the cuff link wearer more than just a good looking shirt staple. With the advent of cutting-edge cufflink designs, innovation marries functionality. Styles, such as working watch cufflinks, compass cufflinks, and thermometer cufflinks are the latest rage. And, if you want to sport your favorite pastime or hobby, cuff links can be custom created to express your personal passion. From personality traits (joker cufflinks) to career choices (Wall Street cufflinks) and sports fanatics (golf ball cufflinks) - cuff links are redefining jewelry departments all over the globe!

More than Cuff Links
Cuff links don’t end at the bottom of your sleeve. Its younger brother, the stud set is quickly gaining attention and climbing the fashion ladder. A smaller version of the cuff link but for button holes, stud sets are the perfect companion to cuff link style, and can be coordinated by matching or complementing the cufflink design.

Cuff Links

Forget the Gift Card
Give the gift that will actually be used. Cuff links make an exceptional gift for anyone that appreciates fashion and style. Popular groomsmen gifts, including monogrammed or engraved cuff links make special mementos - and with thousands of designer cuff links from which to choose, you’ll find designs that appeal to everyone’s individuality.

The Test of Time
Stamp collecting is a thing of the past! A collection of vintage and unusual cufflinks, displayed in an ornamental case, makes an elegant accent to any room. Keep your eyes open for rare designer cuff links and interesting styles. Store them in a beautiful glass-faced cufflink case for protection and longevity. Rumor has it that the largest cuff link collection features over 70,000 pairs of unique cufflinks!

So, start searching for your next pair of cufflinks. We assure you it won’t be your last!


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