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Cufflinks (or cuff links) decoratively link the cuff of a shirt or blouse with fashionable button-like fasteners – adding style and personality to any occasion! Cuff links are worn in place of buttons –which once replaced ribbons to fasten the ruffled sleeves of a man’s shirt in the post-Renaissance era. Worn by both men and women for formal to semi-formal affairs, cuff links are again rising in popularity as fashion accessories, personalized gift items and collectibles.

Button Cufflink

Cufflinks in Fashion
Cufflink sets, often accompanied by stud sets -- which replace the buttons down the shirt-front -- consist of a chain or post that slides through the buttonhole, finished with decorative ends that are visible on one or both sides. Cufflinks and stud sets should be suited to the formality of the occasion and complement your attire. French cuff links add high fashion to French cuffs -- where the material is folded back onto itself and held together by a French cuff or silk knot. Jeweled cuff links add flare to a tuxedo shirt, sterling silver cuff links offer sophistication and designer or vintage cuff links are classic at anytime.

Men Cufflinks

Cufflinks -- Memorable Gifts
Cufflink sets are wonderful gifts that make meaningful keepsakes to pass down through the generations. The perfect groomsmen gift, cuff links may be worn at the wedding ceremony and in years to come. Gold or sterling silver cufflinks and cufflink cases are classic mementos to celebrate notable accomplishments, such as a graduation or promotion -- personalized cufflinks can be tailored to anyone’s personality and are suitable gifts for any occasion.

Collectible Cufflinks
Cufflinks and cufflink accessories are the latest craze in collecting! Vintage cufflinks, stud sets and cufflink cases from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Arts and Crafts periods, are in high demand. The extraordinary variety of designs and details, in addition to the history behind each set of cuff links, makes them fascinating collector’s items.


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