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What are cuff links?
Cufflinks (or cuff links) decoratively link the cuff of a shirt or blouse sleeve with fashionable button-like metal fasteners, to replace the ordinary buttons on a shirtsleeve for formal occasions. Cufflinks add sophistication with a variety of ornamentation and styles – suited to fit any mans (and woman’s) personality.

When is it most appropriate to wear cuff links?
Cufflinks may be worn any time you’re wearing a tuxedo – particularly when an invitation has requested “black-tie” attire. Today anyone can wear cufflinks as they’re gaining popularity in women’s professional fashion as well.

What are stud sets?
Stud sets are miniature versions of cuff links, worn down your shirtfront where the buttons once were – for a more refined look. Stud sets should match or at least coordinate with your cufflinks and are most appropriate for “black-tie” events.

What are some additional cufflink accessories?
Cufflink accessories complement any cuff link aficionado’s collection. A cufflink case is the perfect place to store cufflinks in a clean and safe space – leather cuff link cases with a glass top allow you to display your cufflinks without collecting dust. Other cuff link accessories include coordinating stud sets and traveling cases.

How can I start my own cuff links collection?
All it takes are two cufflink sets to begin a collection! Cufflinks are wonderful to collect because of their unique style and fascinating history – in addition to their generally low cost and little demand for storage space. There are a number of sites, including cufflinksdepot.com, selling a variety of cufflink styles from the designer cuff link, antique cuff link, wood cuff link, metal cuff link, fiber optic cuff link, silk cuff link, personalized cuff link and centerpiece cuff link featuring a precious stone. A cufflink case with a glass top is ideal to display your cufflinks in to keep then clean and free of dust.

Are cuff links and stud sets popular groomsmen gifts?
Cuff links and stud sets make wonderful groomsmen gifts that may be worn on the wedding day and after. You can personalize cuff links for each groomsman with monogrammed cufflinks, engraved cufflinks or personalized cufflinks. Other classic groomsmen gifts include key rings, money clips, jewelry cases, humidors, travel cases and watches, also available at cufflinksdepot.com. Other groomsmen gift ideas may be found at sites such as groomsmen.com.

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