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Cufflinks Fashion Trends

Make an Impression
This practical fashion piece can be anything but practical in design! Designer cuff links feature semi-precious stones, Italian glass, silk and precious metals to create inspired designs that make a true fashion statement. Add personality with engraved or monogrammed cufflinks, or personalized cufflinks that signify a hobby, profession, or special interest. Customized cuff link designs are only limited by your imagination and can be ordered online at sites such as

Modern Day Design
Designers from around the world are creating fresh looks in all shapes and sizes, with some of the finest materials available today. These cutting-edge, art-inspired designs are delightfully imaginative and compelling.

Glass Cufflinks

In the Georgian era, high-end cuff links were embellished with glass or diamonds set in silver or gold. Centerpiece stones continue to offer a subtle flare to a sophisticated set of cuff links, with a variety of precious and semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl and crystal.

Elements of Distinction
Once appearing in only gold, silver or silk, today’s cuff links designers make use of such diverse elements as Fiber Optics, wood, enamel, pewter and Murano glass. Cuff links resembling miniature game pieces, compasses, watches, thermometers and levels have actual working parts to amuse you throughout the evening.

Special Occasions
Cuff links are a timeless keepsake, perfect for a groom or groomsmen gift. Gold cufflinks, sterling silver cufflinks and gold or silver plated cufflinks may be engraved with the details of the wedding day or the owners initials, for a lasting memory of the occasion for which they were received.

Cufflinks & Stud Sets

Personal Style
Cuff links allow you to express yourself with a touch of sophistication.
Cufflinks stylishly replace the buttons on a shirt sleeve
• Usually reserved for more formal occasions, stud sets replace the buttons down the shirt-front
Cufflinks and stud sets should match or compliment one another – it’s important to let the formality of the occasion dictate the style of cufflinks and the stud set you choose.
• Proper care of your cufflinks and stud sets – cleaned, polished and stored in a cufflink case – will preserve their beauty.

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