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Cufflinks History

Cufflinks – The Past, Present & Future
What began as merely a means to a (fastened) end, has evolved into a fashion statement that has withstood the test of time.

Cufflinks Couture
Chain Cufflinks with precious metal or pearl button tops made their debut in the 1600s when they replaced silk ribbons used to fasten men’s shirt cuffs together. Once an exclusive accessory for the aristocrat, cuff links were finally available to the middle-class gentleman with the onset of the Industrial Revolution - rods replaced small chains and advances in manufacturing increased production and lowered costs. By the 19th century, shirt makers had expanded their lines to feature cufflink-ready dress shirts and cuff links were adorning the masses!

Mens Cufflinks

The Cuff link Craze
After suffering a slide in popularity in the 1970s, cufflinks are once again a fashion “must” for any occasion! Cufflinks of all shapes and sizes make a statement at formal affairs and in the work place. Anything goes with today’s designs - diamonds, pearls, onyx, fiber-optics, enamels and wood accents. The Personalized cufflink may be monogrammed, engraved or designed to distinguish the owner’s profession, favorite pastime or beliefs.

The most recent revival of cufflinks led to the opening of the Cuff Link Museum in Conway, New Hampshire, where the worlds largest cuff link collection featured 70,000 pairs from the late 1700s through contemporary times. Cufflinks have been valued from as little as $2.50 up to $440,000 at auction (for a platinum set encrusted with diamonds presented to Edward VIII in 1935).

Designer Cufflinks

Great Expectations

Today, cuff links are considered an essential part of the well-dressed man – but are gradually gaining popularity in women’s fashion. Women can find a variety of feminine yet business-like cuff link sets online at sites such as cufflinksdepot.com . Cuff links make their own history and their own future as a family heirloom, to pass down through generations to come.

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