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The perfect touch to any tuxedo shirt, stud sets accompany cufflinks and should complement one another in style. Traditionally reserved for more formal occasions, stud sets are miniature versions of your cuff links and take the place of your shirtfront buttons to refine your look with seamless elegance.

Of course cufflinks and stud sets should let their owners personality shine through: coordinating cuff link and stud sets come in a variety of beautiful styles, including precious and semi-precious stones for the man who wants to ‘dress to impress’ or polished gold and silver for the understated, sophisticated type. Unique cufflinks and stud sets satisfy the man with a large personality – vintage cuff links and stud sets or distinctive cuff links and stud sets are a fun alternative so long as they keep within the realm of ‘formal attire’. For a wide selection of cuff links and stud sets, look to online resources such as cufflinksdepot.com.

When Stud Sets are a Must

An invitation that requests black-tie indicates the most formal tuxedo attire – including cuff links and stud sets. Otherwise, stud sets are always an appropriate option any time you wear a tuxedo (stud sets are not appropriate with anything other than a tuxedo).

How to Wear Stud Sets
Stud sets replace shirt-front buttons for a refined look, by hooking through the button hole (keeping the ornament side visible).

Popular Cufflinks and Stud Set Styles
Cufflinks and stud sets need not match, merely to coordinate. A simple set of black onyx or polished metal stud sets may accompany a slightly more extravagant pair of cufflinks such as: cameo cuff links, cuff links with crown, designer cufflinks, lion cufflinks, fleur de lis cufflinks, or Toshikane cufflinks.

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